4 Cat Products Totally Worth Buying

I buy a lot of stuff for my cats. A lot. And if you know a cat or two, you know they’re pretty picky about what they like and don’t like. There have been a lot of useless purchases over here. For example:

via Modern Cat

The Design Within Reach pet basket. Womp, womp. OK, so I got it on super sale. I promise you I did not pay $130 for it, and thank God, because the kitties—not so interested. Sure they’ve been in a few times, and it looks really, really lovely. Overall, not worth it.

Instead, let’s talk about some cat products that are worth it.

  1. Not sure what to call this thing. The box calls it the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit , which I find hilarious. Do not pay $39.94 for it. I got it in the clearance bin at Target for $5. My kitten, Curry Puff, loves it and even my thirteen year old lady, Weetzie Bat, gets in on the action, which makes this the best $5 I’ve ever spent.
  2. Martha Stewart for PetSmart Cat Bowls. I am not obligated to say this because Martha Stewart may have been my employer at one point, these bowls are fantastic. I have the older round versions. The bottom holders are sturdy so the bowls don’t move around the floor. The colors are soft and lovely. Weetzie has a white one, Curry Puff has blue. The stainless steel is easy to clean and doesn’t cause feline chin acne like a plastic bowl could. (I swear, that’s actually a thing!) And finally, the silicone covers. They are genius! Weetzie is a slow eater and doesn’t always finish her meal in one sitting. It’s so easy to pop on the cover and stick it in the fridge for later. I love, love, love these bowls!
  3. Kitties go wild for these SportPet Cat Cubes! Easy to set up, and they fold up small to put away. Because, honestly they’re not the prettiest things to look at. Cats love to jump in and out, roll them over, sleep in them, hide in them and just generally go nuts. I’ve had mine for ten plus years and they’re still in use. Put them away for a week, take them out again, and they think it’s a brand new toy. Again, the kitten and the older lady approve. Completely worth it.
  4. The SmartCat Scratching Post. The last scratching post and the only scratching post you should buy. This thing is super tall and sturdy. It’s a little pricey, but worth it. It doesn’t tip over, and it’s tall enough for large cats to get a good stretch. As a bonus, it’s not covered in ugly carpet, and the cats actually use it. Yes, they still use my furniture on occasion but it really could be a lot worse. I love this product so much I bought two.

There you go, kitten tested, kitten approved. If you’re going to spend some of your hard earned cash on your kitty, I can absolutely recommend those four products.

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I’m Loving… Patterned Sheets

Patterned Sheets

Clockwise from top, Fox Sheet Set, New School Yellow Dot Sheet Set, Chevron Sheet Set, Laura Ashley Lillian Sheet Set, Organic Harmony Sheet Set, Stripe Sheet Set, Genevieve Sheet Set, Soma Peacock Sheets

It’s no secret that I love pattern almost as much as I love sleeping, so with all the great options of patterned sheets these days why sleep in a plain old bed? In my book, the more pattern on a bed the better. The trick is keeping a simple color palette and playing with scale.

Here’s a little inspiration from master of pattern, Madeline Weinrib.

via Elle Decor

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Happy New Year and Did I Actually Complete My Resolution??

Well thank goodness my resolution wasn’t to blog more because I would be sitting here hanging my head in shame. And you probably don’t remember but I made a resolution right here in writing and by some sort of miracle I actually completed it! This is what the dining room looked like shortly after we moved in *cough* 4 years ago *cough*. Hideous.

The resolution regarding that crazy wallpaper sounded like this “Not sure if my resolution to get rid of that stuff conflicts with my resolution to put less pressure on myself but if it’s still there in 2013 I may go insane.” Well here I am, marbles intact because now the dining room looks like this:

While it’s not exactly finished the wallpaper is gone, gone, GONE! And not only am I free of those flowers, but we also installed the picture rail molding all by our very lonesomes. The hole in the ceiling is gone, the mismatched tables are gone and no more boxes or speakers on the floor. Someday we’ll get rid of those dark and heavy wood blinds and replace them with something lighter, and we have a great vintage light fixture we need to rewire, clean up and hang. Overall, things are progressing. However, I do think it feels wrong to mention the one thing in that room in the before picture that I didn’t plan on not having in the after. Our little man Ricey. Sadly we lost him this summer and our hearts broke. But if you notice in the after we paid tribute by finally hanging the ink drawings our dear friend Andy did of him and his sister for our wedding programs. We love being able to remember him in such a special way in a room he loved to hang out in. To put a positive spin on this sad news and end the post in a happy way I will say the huge space he left allowed us to usher in another rescue darling.

This is Curry Puff and holy cow we love her to bits!

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What Are My Cats Staring At?

Every cat owner knows that when your cats are spending quality time together staring at something it means one of two things, a bug or a ghost! Much to my dismay, it’s just never a ghost.

So last night I noticed both kitties in a corner, staring. I ignored them until I saw it. “It” is probably too small a word for this thing and believe me, my years in Brooklyn were graced with the presence of some very large cockroaches. But this, this mutant was quite possibly the most horrifying insect I’ve seen outside of a Godzilla movie. I’m warning you, shield your eyes.

It was this…

European Hornet

via Wikipedia

Not scary enough? Here it is eating a honeybee!

European Hornet eating Honeybee

via Wikipedia

It was gigantic! At first Google we determined it was a Japanese Hornet but since those don’t seem to exist outside of Japan (see, Godzilla!) we Googled further to determine it was most likely a European Hornet. Hey Europe, let’s keep your imports to Prosecco, Diptyque and macarons, k?

The European Hornet can decimate an entire honeybee hive. Horror! Its size can reach up to two inches long and its sting supposedly hurts like heckity heck. Thankfully none of us can attest to that, including kitties. The kitties just sat staring at it frozen with fear. And for extra fun, the nest of a European Hornet drips a foul smelling black liquid. Let’s hope we don’t find that anytime soon.

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This? or This? Nightstands

Guest Room Nightstand

Remember the guest room? There it is. Like my cute little Thomas Paul boy pillow? He’s totally cute. Look, he’s wearing a jaunty scarf! Anyway, let’s get to the point here. See that nightstand? Nope? What’s that? You only see a 10+ year old Ikea rolling office cabinet? Yup, that’s the problem. Ugh. Plus it’s too small for that lamp and a candle and the aforementioned guest copy of Us Weekly. It’s got to go.

So, let’s play a game…

West Elm Mid-Century or Turned-Leg Nightstand

What do you think? Mid-Century and wood or vermillion lacquer yet traditional? Intervention? Do I need to step away from the West Elm? Let me know in the comments!

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