What Are My Cats Staring At?

Every cat owner knows that when your cats are spending quality time together staring at something it means one of two things, a bug or a ghost! Much to my dismay, it’s just never a ghost.

So last night I noticed both kitties in a corner, staring. I ignored them until I saw it. “It” is probably too small a word for this thing and believe me, my years in Brooklyn were graced with the presence of some very large cockroaches. But this, this mutant was quite possibly the most horrifying insect I’ve seen outside of a Godzilla movie. I’m warning you, shield your eyes.

It was this…

European Hornet

via Wikipedia

Not scary enough? Here it is eating a honeybee!

European Hornet eating Honeybee

via Wikipedia

It was gigantic! At first Google we determined it was a Japanese Hornet but since those don’t seem to exist outside of Japan (see, Godzilla!) we Googled further to determine it was most likely a European Hornet. Hey Europe, let’s keep your imports to Prosecco, Diptyque and macarons, k?

The European Hornet can decimate an entire honeybee hive. Horror! Its size can reach up to two inches long and its sting supposedly hurts like heckity heck. Thankfully none of us can attest to that, including kitties. The kitties just sat staring at it frozen with fear. And for extra fun, the nest of a European Hornet drips a foul smelling black liquid. Let’s hope we don’t find that anytime soon.

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One Response to “What Are My Cats Staring At?”

  1. Ashley at The Feisty Redhead May 11, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

    That close-up photo reminds me of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids when the insects are chasing them in the yard. Scared then, scared now.