Happy New Year and Did I Actually Complete My Resolution??

Well thank goodness my resolution wasn’t to blog more because I would be sitting here hanging my head in shame. And you probably don’t remember but I made a resolution right here in writing and by some sort of miracle I actually completed it! This is what the dining room looked like shortly after we moved in *cough* 4 years ago *cough*. Hideous.

The resolution regarding that crazy wallpaper sounded like this “Not sure if my resolution to get rid of that stuff conflicts with my resolution to put less pressure on myself but if it’s still there in 2013 I may go insane.” Well here I am, marbles intact because now the dining room looks like this:

While it’s not exactly finished the wallpaper is gone, gone, GONE! And not only am I free of those flowers, but we also installed the picture rail molding all by our very lonesomes. The hole in the ceiling is gone, the mismatched tables are gone and no more boxes or speakers on the floor. Someday we’ll get rid of those dark and heavy wood blinds and replace them with something lighter, and we have a great vintage light fixture we need to rewire, clean up and hang. Overall, things are progressing. However, I do think it feels wrong to mention the one thing in that room in the before picture that I didn’t plan on not having in the after. Our little man Ricey. Sadly we lost him this summer and our hearts broke. But if you notice in the after we paid tribute by finally hanging the ink drawings our dear friend Andy did of him and his sister for our wedding programs. We love being able to remember him in such a special way in a room he loved to hang out in. To put a positive spin on this sad news and end the post in a happy way I will say the huge space he left allowed us to usher in another rescue darling.

This is Curry Puff and holy cow we love her to bits!

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One Response to “Happy New Year and Did I Actually Complete My Resolution??”

  1. JoAnn January 9, 2014 at 8:32 am #

    Love the transformation. You have a great sense of style.