I’m Loving… Patterned Sheets

Patterned Sheets

Clockwise from top, Fox Sheet Set, New School Yellow Dot Sheet Set, Chevron Sheet Set, Laura Ashley Lillian Sheet Set, Organic Harmony Sheet Set, Stripe Sheet Set, Genevieve Sheet Set, Soma Peacock Sheets

It’s no secret that I love pattern almost as much as I love sleeping, so with all the great options of patterned sheets these days why sleep in a plain old bed? In my book, the more pattern on a bed the better. The trick is keeping a simple color palette and playing with scale.

Here’s a little inspiration from master of pattern, Madeline Weinrib.

via Elle Decor

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One Response to “I’m Loving… Patterned Sheets”

  1. Ashley at The Feisty Redhead February 7, 2014 at 11:49 pm #

    Why oh why do those fox sheets have to be so expensive? I want them!