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Name That Planter

Who’s terrible at updating this blog? Oops.
Sorry about that loyal readers (Mom), here’s a post for ya.

Moustache Man Planter

A couple of months ago Mr. Eric and I took a trip to LA and picked up this seriously dapper gentleman at Floral Art in Venice. We love him lots but just don’t have a name for him. He deserves one don’t you think?

We did give him some hair courtesy of a little donkey tail and now he’s looking a little Olympic. So, what should we name him?

Moustache Man with Hair

Oh, and the garden beds we were planning. They’re about 85% done so pray for a sunny long weekend and perhaps I will reveal them next week!

Diapers No More!

No, this isn’t a post about potty training my cat. It’s actually a quick Friday before and after! When we signed the contract for our house we had requested the previous owners leave the existing window treatments. Great tip from Mom that we wouldn’t want to have to decide on curtains as soon as we moved in. Anyway, it didn’t really process that they’d be leaving us with these.

Balloon Valances

Oh my God, they’re gorgeous.

We fondly referred to them as “the diapers.” Though they’ve also got sort of a pantaloon thing going on. Sadly they hung around much longer than anyone wanted them to.

After many, many swatches from Smith + Noble and The Shade Store, we decided to go with a simple roller shade in a neutral color and natural texture. So now our windows look like this.

Roller Shades

So the diapers are gone! Yay, everyone cheer!

Come stay awhile

The next room I’ll show you is the guest room.  I’ve always kind of loved all white bedding but with two black cats it just hasn’t been in the cards.  When I realized we’d have a guest room where I could shut the door (how novel) I figured this would be the place for a nice white bed.

Unfortunately I don’t have the best before pictures of this room but I can tell you it was a terribly faded blue.  You’ll see in the picture that there were a lot of holes in the walls.  And everywhere there was a hole there was also a faded rectangle left behind.  It was pretty gross and definitely the room most in need of painting.

Here it is before

Guest Room Before

And this is what it looks like now

Guest Room After

Guest Room Other Views

This room still needs some work, but it’s clean and uncluttered and most importantly comes with your own bedside copy of Us Weekly.  I’m super happy with the Indian wagon wheel mirror we got from CB2.  I’m hoping to get a nice small dresser to go under it, but for now Grandma’s telephone table is hanging out.  We also painted our Ikea Billy bookshelves the same color as the walls (Behr, Natural Linen) to help them blend in.

Oh, and I forgot to mention.  I had a helper with this one.

Weetzie Bat

I’ll see you tomorrow with a post about how we painted those shelves.

Living up to my promise, bedroom before & after

Starting off the week with a fresh new blog home, a fresh new header and a fresh new before and after!  I told you I would.  And while I don’t consider any rooms in the house to be final afters there has been progress made so I figured I would show you where we started, where we are now and where we want to go.

This, my friends, is where the bedroom started.  It was pink,  covered in boxes and dirty laundry, had mismatched bedding and *gasp* floral valances.  The horror!  Shield your eyes, here it comes.

Bedroom Before

The only thing worth saving in this room was the bed frame (it wasn’t originally there, that mattress was on the floor for months) and well, the cat.

So after a fresh coat of Behr’s Canvas Tan on the walls and ceiling and Swiss Coffee on the trim, some new bedding and a rug this is what the bedroom looks like now.

Bedroom After

Ahhhh, much better.  But it still needs work.  Here are two more views.

Bedroom Other Views

Obviously we’re lacking in artwork on the walls and I’m really hoping that pathetic wall mirror will turn into something like this mirror that I saw on Young House Love.  As for the picture on the right, those dressers with the broken drawers need to go.  I’d like to find a great tall danish dresser, something too high for that kitty to jump on!  You may have guessed, he’s a total ham.  But isn’t he handsome?

So there it is. I did it, I actually showed you!  And now that I see the photos like this I don’t feel as bad or nervous about it.  It’s pretty good progress for us and even though we are moving slowly, we’re moving.  More rooms to come soon, so stay tuned.

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